General Purpose Gloves

Cat 1 Gloves in this section, which include Cotton, Leather and Rubber Gloves are intended for protection against hazards of a
minimal risk nature only. This essentially means gloves that provide protection against superficial mechanical injury, temperatures
not exceeding 50C and use of chemicals of weak action

Examples of typical gloves in this section are rubber household gloves, gardening gloves and glove liners etc.

If you require a greater level of protection then refer to   Work Gloves (Cat 2)   Thermal Gloves (Cat 2/3)   Chemical Gloves (Cat 3) 

The Premium Brands we supply are SHIELD WARRIOR and POLYCO
Increasing Discount applied for higher quantities 

Knitted Stockinette Gloves
£ 0.39
per pair

CK21/41 M/W or H/W
Soft Polycotton - Comfortable
WHITE Polycotton
Knitted Wrist Stockinette Gloves
Sizes Ladies & Mens 

Prices as low as £0.31 per pair

SERVA Polycotton Gloves
£ 0.69
per pair

BTJ146/7 Standard
Serving & Product Protection
WHITE Bleached Natural Cotton
Fouchette Gloves
Sizes Ladies & Mens

Prices as low as £0.55 per pair

Dermatology Cotton Gloves
£ 0.98
per pair

DERA - Standard
Superb Comfort & Fit
NATURAL Dermatological
Seamless Knitted Cotton Gloves
Sizes S - L

Prices as low as £0.79 per pair

Economy Household Rubber Glvs
£ 0.69
per pair

GR03 Economy
Superb Value Gloves
BLUE light-weight flock-lined
Household Rubber Gloves
Sizes S - XL

Prices as low as £0.55 per pair
Chrome Leather Rigger Gloves
£ 1.59
per pair

GLO 6/105 Economy
Ideal for Tough Handling
Canadian style Rigger Gloves
Sizes Mens only

Prices as low as £1.27 per pair