Work Gloves

Cat 2 Gloves in this section provide protection against Mechanical or Physical Hazards
In EN388 the gloves are required to be tested for Abrasion, Cut, Tear and Puncture Resistance.
The test results category achieved is then marked on each individual glove

Levels 0 - 4  Abrasion resistance 
Levels 0 - 5  Round blade Cut resistance
Levels 0 - 5  Tear resistance
Levels 0 - 4  Puncture resistance
Levels A - F  Straight Blade Cut resistance
Level     P     Impact resistance

The glove must achieve at least Level 1 in any test, otherwise it becomes a <<Cat 1 glove>>
The higher the level achieved the stronger/tougher the glove is
When a glove is tested for Cut Resistance using the Round Blade Method (so called Coupe method)
and blunts the blade, it has to retested using Straight Blade Method (ISO TDM method),
which is considered more accurate, especially for high cut resistance materials like glass or steel
An "X" can be shown in any of the first 5 tests if the test was not carried out, not required or not suitable

For more information please refer to our  <<Hand Protection Standards and Guides>>

A whole range of glove materials are used in this section including NYLON/PU, POLYESTER/NR, PVC/COTTON
and specialist cut resistant fibres

The Premium brands we supply are SHIELD and POLYCO
Increasing discount is applied for higher quantities

Economy PU Knitted Gloves
£ 0.53
per pair

GH100 Economy 
Tough Flexible & Breathable
 Thin PU Coated
Seamless Knitted Gloves
Sizes 6 - 11     

Sold in bulk quantity

Standard PU Knitted Gloves
£ 0.67
per pair

40-MAT Standard 
Comfortable with great Dexterity
BLACK Thin PU Coated
Seamless Knitted Gloves
Sizes 6 - 11     

Price as low as £0.54 per pair

Economy Grip Gloves
£ 0.71
per pair

GH300 Economy 
Tough Flexible & Grippy
ORANGE NR Palm Coated
Seamless Knitted Gloves
Sizes 9 or 10     

Price as low as £0.57 per pair

Supa Grip Gloves
£ 1.49
per pair

GL285 Standard 
Comfortable, Flexible & Grippy
BLACK NR Palm Coated
Seamless Knitted 10G Gloves
Sizes 7 - 12     

Price as low as £1.19 per pair

PVC Fully Coated Cotton Gloves
£ 0.79
per pair

P10R Standard 
Durable with good Dry Grip
RED PVC Fully Coated
Cotton Lined Gloves
Size  Mens only    

Price as low as £0.63 per pair

High Cut Resistant Gloves
£ 2.95
per pair

GH500 Premium 
High Cut Resistance & Dexterity
Grey PU Palm Coated Seamless
Technical Knitted Gloves
Size 8 - 10     

Price as low as £2.36 per pair