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Sterile Gloves

Sterile Gloves prevent the threat of cross contamination and limit the risk of infection spreading
Gloves are individually wrapped and sterilised by either gamma radiation or the Ethylene Oxide process
Sterile gloves are used where there is potential of exposure to mucous membranes, non intact skin, blood/body fluids,
pathogens or infectious substances 
Grades are made from Natural Rubber, Vinyl, Copolymer or Nitrile

Sterile Examination Gloves are usually used for minor surgery, medical or dental procedures and for pharmaceutical preparation.

Sterile Surgical Gloves are usually thicker and more robust. They have a more precise range of sizing and used for major
invasive body/veterinary procedures

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 the range has been rationalised, as all manufacturing plants in South East Asia converted to mass
production of Medical Examination gloves. We will update this section as products become more available.

In the meantime we also supply a full range of Sterile/Cleanroom Gloves manufactured by Medicare Products Ltd
These are products specifically intended for NHS Contracts, however we do have access to certain grades

Please visit <<>> and then contact us for price/availability 

Sterile Nitrile Blue Powder Free Gloves
£ 19.95
per box of 50 pairs sterile gloves

GS690 Sterile 
Medical, Vet, Dental   
Pharmaceutical & Laboratories

BLUE Nitrile Sterile
Powder Free Gloves
Sizes S - L     3.7g/glove

Prices as low as £15.96 per box