Depending on the materials and the method of construction, Chemical Protective Garments can be divided into the

following categories

CE CAT     LEVEL      PROTECTION TYPE                                  STANDARDS         COMMENTS

1                MR            CE Simple - Not for chemical use                NONE                    Lowest Protection Level

3                 6               Limited Liquid Splash Protection                 EN13034                Most common type            

3                 5               Particle Protection                                       EN13982                Most common type           

3                 4               LIquid Spray Protection                               EN14605

3                 3               Liquid Jet Protection                                    EN14605

3                 2               Non Gas-Tight                                             EN943-1                 

3                 1               Gas-Tight                                                     EN943-1 a/b/c        Highest Protection Level  

Guide to Selecting the right Protective Clothing

1  Hazard Identification - Is it a Solid, Liquid or Gas?  Any other Hazards  eg Mechanical or Thermal Hazards

2  Type of Protection required - Will the material & seams protect against possible exposure

3   Hazard Toxicity - Maybe preferable to use one category higher

4   Comfort Factors - Freedom of Movement, Breathability (especially in hot weather),


To donn the garment correctly, sit on a chair and remove footwear

Place the feet into the leg of the Coverall one by one

Replace and securely refit footwear and gloves if applicable

Stand up and pull the suit to your waist and place arms in the sleeves

Put the hood over your head and any refit any other PPE

Carefully zip the garment to the very top and push the zip down to lock

Tape any gaps or joins


The Protective Suit should be removed in a contamination-free space to avoid possible cross contamination

Carefully begin rolling the hood back. Unzip the Coverall and begin rolling that outwardsover the shoulders.

Pull down each arm till removed and then sit down, remove footwear and continue rolling the suit downward

pass the knees untill fully removed.

During this process make sure only the inner of the garment touches you or your clothes.

Discard the Coverall in the correct manner

Other Standards that are used are

EN1145-5    Protective Clothing with Electrostatic Properties

EN1073-2    Protective Clothing against Radioactive Contamination

EN14116      Protective Clothing against Heat and Flame

EN14126      Protective Clothing against Infective Agents