Chemical Gloves

Cat 3 Gloves - All Chemical Resistant Gloves are categorised as Cat 3 PPE and further subdivided into Type A, B or C

EN ISO374:1 provides  a list of  <<18 chemicals>> that represent major chemical groups

Type A - Must show a minimum of 30 mins breakthrough time against 6 test chemicals
Type B - Must show a minimum of 30 mins breakthrough time against 3 test chemicals
Type C - Must show a minimum of 10 mins breakthrough time against 1 test chemical

Type A and B Gloves will be marked with code letters, indicating which Chemicals have been tested
Additionally for a glove to claim resistance to micro-organisms, it must have been tested/passed and marked with ISO EN374:5 

Therefore the Product and Data Sheet (PDF) on each of our Chemical Gloves will indicate which Chemicals have been tested.
You can additionally refer to our more extensive list of <<88 Chemicals>>  which gives an indication of which glove material is
more suitable against specific chemicals. 
If this information is insufficient or you are unsure please call and we will advise accordingly 

For further information please refer to our <<Hand Protection Standards and Guides>> 

The main materials for Chemical Resistant Gloves are Natural Rubber (NR), Vinyl (PVC) and Nitrile (NBR)
They are usually further subdivided by different lengths, thicknesses, colour and lining type

The premium brands we supply are SHIELD and POLYCO
Increasing Discount applied for higher quantities

Economy General Rubber Gloves
£ 0.73
per pair

GR01 Economy Type A
General Purpose Chemical Glove
YELLOW Light-weight flock-lined
Natural Rubber Gloves
Sizes S - XL     Thickness  0.4mm

Prices as low as £0.58 per pair

Nitrile Industrial Green Gloves
£ 1.24
per pair

GI/F11 Economy Type B
Light, Comfortable & Protective
GREEN Light-weight
Flock-lined Nitrile Rubber Gloves
Sizes 7 - 10     Thickness  0.38mm

Prices as low as £1.14 per pair

Nitrile Allergy Free Gauntlets
£ 1.99
per pair

PURA - Standard Type A
Ideal for Sensitive Skin & Food use
BLUE Medium-weight
Flock-lined Nitrile Gloves
Sizes 7 - 10     Thickness  0.55mm

Prices as low as £1.59 per pair
NHS listed product

Bi-colour Rubber Gloves
£ 1.32
per pair

GI/500 Standard Type A
Increased Fat & Oil Resistance
BLUE/YELLOW Medium-weight
Flock-lined Natural Rubber Gloves
Sizes 7 - 10     Thickness  0.67mm

Prices as low as £1.06 per pair

Heavy Duty Rubber Gauntlets
£ 1.49
per pair

JET  Standard Type A
Outstanding Robust Glove
BLACK Heavy-weight
Flock-lined Natural Rubber Gloves
Sizes 6.5 - 9.5     Thickness  0.70mm

Prices as low as £1.19 per pair
NHS listed product