Knitted Stockinette Gloves

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Knitted Stockinette Gloves
  • Knitted Stockinette Gloves
  • Knitted Stockinette Gloves
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Knitted Stockinette Gloves
Soft & Comfortable     

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  • Knitted from Soft PolyCotton 
  • Elasticated wristing to aid comfort
  • Sometimes used as an underglove 
  • Ambidextrous       
  • Provides some slight cold/heat insulation
  • Cat 1 - Minimal Risk only  (less than 50C)
  • Not Food approved
  • Not approved for machine washing and re-use

A economical comfortable single use lightweight cotton glove/underglove

Often used for light handling/delicate assembly work situations
to protect the person or product being handled 

Data Sheet

CK21/41 Data Sheet