Which type of Disposable glove is best?
There is a broad summary of the main characteristics of each Glove Type under their respective Category heading.

Broadly Latex Gloves give the best comfort/dexterity, but can cause an allergic reaction to say 8% of the population  
Nitrile Gloves have slightly less dexterity, but are tougher and usually better for Chemical Protection
Vinyl Gloves offer the least comfort but can be easily removed and usually a cost effective solution
Polythene Gloves are the cheapest and thinnest and used where regular glove changes are necessary
Can you recommend protection against a specific Chemical?
In this case please call us and we will advise accordingly
We do hold a large Data Base of Chemical Permeation Data
Can you quote for PPE not currently listed on your Web Site?
Yes of course
Our Web Site is specifically designed for Hand Protection and Protective Clothing
However we do offer a full range of PPE - please contact us with your enquiry!
Do you provide Product Certification?
Product Certification is available for download on each Product Page,
in the Desk Top, Tablet and Mobile versions
Do you offer a next day delivery service?
In order to offer the most competitive prices in the UK, our normal delivery service is 2-3 days
However if you do require an urgent next day delivery, please contact us and we will do our best. 
Is it possible to Pay on Collection?
Yes - We offer a full range of Payment Options
It is advisable to book in your Collection Date
Can I return an item?
Yes - Please return items directly to our Warehouse
Providing the product is in resaleable condition, we will offer an immediate credit/refund
We may have to request a small fee to cover Payment/Admin costs